14 comments on “Ep.123 Snowman Stationery

  1. Freaking awesome! I’d have to say when I am online for porn I dig the solo male or female masturbation. So lovely to have you back! Ronin I am glad you got out of there she sounds like a crazy bitch!

  2. Lol FZR when my dad passes I was the same way. He was a huge joker and we laughed and cryed and laughed more after his passing. To answer your question I have to agree with Miss Dixon solo male masturbation is hot and what I watch.

  3. Lol I miss the titty whore! FZR and Ronin she should be back on you all had great chemistry together.

  4. fuck yeah homies shits official ya boy bought that scoby doo jam right after i listend hilarious. Also man not get to political on ya but whats your take on all the police crime and then that kid shooting up that church?

  5. Back to rare form! Hilarious show. I wanna say if I had to chose my kink for porn I am all about the girl girl stuff. Two sexy ass women kissing and rubbing. Woof! Sign me up

  6. I love Scooby Doo great show not a huge wrestling fan but I’ll check out this Scooby cross over! I am glad to have the show back and the site is looking good!

  7. I have to say if I was gonna watch something to rub it out too it would be some rough stuff or BDSM crazy I know but I love being dominated in bed slap me whips the whole nine!

  8. Great to see the show back up and running! I have missed it. When I watch porn I always go for the weird funny stuff to laugh at it!

  9. I dig the scoobby doo review it was great! What can we expect from you guys going forword?

  10. Big fan first time posting gotta say if I am watching the spank material I am in the majority like the charts you talked about with the sexy teens on the casting couch.

  11. Fairly new to the show here guys came in around 100 or so anyway guys just wanted to ask after listening to some past episodes two things how did you find all the crazy porn and do you think if HHH would have stayed in WCW do you think he would of been as popular as he is in WWE? Thanks again and keep up an awesome show.

  12. Well, just saw some naked dude get jerked off by another dude in the middle of the food court here at Seattle Center..with little kids around.!! Nudity is legal today in Seattle i guess..just thought you guys would love to hear this story i am happy gay marriage is legal but really? lmao..

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