7 comments on “Sleepy Cast Ep. 124 A can of What!?!?!?

  1. man I went to a con one year and them hoe’s was crazy there was one bitch waning to pee on ya nigga I told her take your jaba the hut looking ass on down the road….

  2. also thanks for the answering my question about the race my guys I agree 100%….and for an ask the titty whore think I’d like to hear her take from a woman’s perspective and also her take on the rape culture…

  3. Hilarious show guys! I go to a ton of cons and at times it gets super kinky. I recall one con I went to and watched two girls use the chin strap dildos on one another dressed as Domino! and Spider girl I am not gonna say i didn’t enjoy seeing that myself. I also have a question for the lovely titty whore as a woman are you bombarded by fuck boys and dick pics if so what are some tips to slay them bitch boys?

    ms vinyl meow

    Amy Villainous

    Sorry for the name change just tired of the old one! can’t wait for the next show!

  4. I have a question for theTitty whore did she ever have an issue with a guy being to into her I mean I dated a chick and she told me I was to into her I mean we dated for like a year and one day she up and says fuck off. Cause I was treating her like I loved her too much? wtf is wrong with her?

    Also hialrious show guys gotta say with all the bullshit I am facing I am glad to have the real Sleepy Cast!

  5. FZR and Ronin I love you guys I would love to tour a con with you both hitting up the con underbelly hahahaha! So a question for all you guys and Miss titty whore as well is there one thing from your past relationship wise you regret and you wish you could go back and changed it like maybe date someone over or date someone you missed out on etc?

  6. awesome show guys! Titty whore have you and the FZR ever been toghether? I think you would be perfect for one another I loved the way you played off each other in the ep. and way sorry thats a fan girl ship deal you guys sound like a married couple that would fight all the time but love each other a lot. Can’t wait to hear from the titty whore again I love her and the show you guys keep putting out one hell of a podcast and I’ll keep listening.

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