Hey guys FZR here wanting to let you know the exciting new updates to the site.
I got the archives up which you can now go back and listen to the sleepy shows
of yore and also see the newest episodes uploaded as well also we will be back
up on I-tunes via our RSS feed so please like and rates us and subcribe to
us there for all your podcasting needs!

As well as all the things going on with the show we are gonna have new and exciting
content on the site as well like myself and triple c from sleepy intro fame reviewing
PPV’s from the past present and future! Also from the depths of my insta cue on netflix comes FZR reviews his cue! In I tackle the beast that is my cue and let you know whats worth checking out and whats coming each month new to the cue.

So keep up to date on all the new and exciting things coming plus old favorites like name that porn star and would you hit and of course the most damned amusing podcast around The Real Sleepy Cast.